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Hi folks,

I spent some time today trying to get ceph updated, and I pushed 0.37
to rawhide[0].

I would like to solicit thoughts on pushing this to F16.
While this fixes 5 bugs in Fedora's bug tracker (and to be fair, 2 of
them are easily fixed in the current version) there are a number of
bugs fixed in the 4 months since 0.31 was released.
The downside - a number of binaries and libraries have changed name[1],
Technically this probably runs afoul of the updates policy, but ceph
appears to be a leaf package if repoquery is to be believed, and it's
still on the same major version number :). It's also true that there
isn't really the idea of a supported version of Ceph since it's still
very rapidly in development and considered quite bleeding edge.

Thoughts, comments, flames?


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