Cloud SIG Meeting minutes - 7 Oct 2011

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Minutes (text):

Summary follows:
Meeting summary
* Who's here yo!  (rbergeron, 19:01:13)

* We haz AMIs  (rbergeron, 19:03:31)
  * We now have Beta AMIs  (rbergeron, 19:03:43)
  * LINK:
    <- F16 beta AMI IDs  (gholms, 19:03:53)
  * ACTION: jforbes to update wiki with ami's  (rbergeron, 19:05:14)
  * ACTION: jforbes to bloggy-blog on monday  (rbergeron, 19:05:51)
  * beta images have one file from cloud-init patched by hand
    (rbergeron, 19:07:18)
  * everything on those images excludes docfiles  (rbergeron, 19:08:36)
  * means image was built with --excludedocs, meaning it comes with no
    man pages, or other documentation - this also turns out to persist
    to stuff that is newly installed  (rbergeron, 19:09:50)
  * to fix you need to remove "%_excludedocs 1" from
    /etc/rpm/macros.imgcreate before you install things  (rbergeron,
  * This will not be an issue next time  (gholms, 19:10:24)
  * Beta images also install only one language; this will also be fixed
    next time  (gholms, 19:11:50)

* Test Day  (rbergeron, 19:12:41)
  * LINK:
    (rbergeron, 19:12:52)
  * We need to get our collective butts together on test day.
    (rbergeron, 19:13:32)
  * ACTION: jforbes to wrangle the notes for test day re: EC2
    (rbergeron, 19:14:17)
  * LINK: is edited
    with beta info now  (jforbes, 19:15:36)
  * ACTION: clalance to drum up some aeolus support - perhaps talk to
    jlaska, since he has some experience in this area  (rbergeron,
  * we already have some instructions for openstack in the wiki page
    (rbergeron, 19:17:16)
  * But we lack any sort of test matrix / how to test / what to test,
    which is what we do need from that angle  (rbergeron, 19:17:36)
  * LINK:
    (bertux, 19:17:49)
  * ACTION: bertux to investigate openstack QA for test matrices, etc.
    that we could use for test day, report back early next week
    (rbergeron, 19:18:46)
  * ACTION: kkeithley to make instructions/test matrix for hekaFS
    (rbergeron, 19:27:50)
  * Looking to our other features... please pipe up if ou want
    testing...  (rbergeron, 19:29:11)
  * upcoming release of boxgrinder there will likely be a libvirt
    delivery plugin which is more or less completed  (rbergeron,
  * LINK:
    (rbergeron, 19:30:25)
  * LINK:
    (rbergeron, 19:30:45)
  * LINK:
    (rbergeron, 19:31:00)
  * Use the test day template if you are the first person to the page
    (rbergeron, 19:31:07)
  * Dell Crowbar iso's are good to look at for self-deployment of
    opentsack (albeit with centos and ubuntu bits) -
    (rbergeron, 19:32:29)
  * ACTION: mmorsi to add testing instructions to the wiki  (gholms,
  * ACTION: clalance to email cloud-list to see if we can get agreement
    to reimburse again  (ke4qqq, 19:42:08)
  * ACTION: mmorsi to ask on cloud list about setting up temporary
    shared accounts for diff. providers  (ke4qqq, 19:43:08)

Meeting ended at 19:48:44 UTC.
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