Re: F20 Beta-5 on BeagleBone Black

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On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 03:55:20PM -0500, Paul Whalen wrote:

> If you hold the 'boot' button you will not see any LEDs at all in 
> the U-Boot we provide. If you do not hold the 'boot' button the U-Boot
> from eMMC is used and the LEDs are lit, but will then shut off and 
> remain off when the Fedora kernel is loaded.  

OK, I always assumed the boot failed when not seeing any LEDs turn on,
so this is really important to be aware of.

> If not using a serial cable you can use the FAQ section[1] at the 
> bottom of the installation wiki. 

I remember doing that once too, and I removed the root password from
the shadow file (instead of adding ssh keys).  But with the new info
(and not having clear in mind what I tried and when I gave up), it's
worth trying again.

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