Update on our teams work on the Fedora Raspberry Pi Remix Upgrade

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It's hard to demonstrate some of the work we're doing since it's mainly just packaging (or re-packaging)
programs and libraries (also cleaning up some of our mistakes made in overlapping namespaces of files).
You can kind of track our progress on the mentioned site, which is listed here:


If that's not enough to satisfy you, I can try to shamelessly plug a little thing that our OpenGL guy (Andor Salga)
helped me make. It's supposed to be a loading screen while the computer is booting but the
trouble was that I couldn't use any reliance on X-based libraries like gtk, qt, or some other opengl libraries.
So I took Broadcom's starter/example code and tweaked it a bit for our needs:


Anyway, sorry if it seems like our team is severely distracted, we just have this tight deadline but we are
still checking up on our build farm and its status (with the help of Paul Whalen too).

On behalf of the Seneca team here,
Thanks for your patience and help out there community! :)

Jon Chiappetta

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