Re: Agreed linker path changes still not in Fedora

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On 06/08/2012 07:24 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:

> I think the thing you're missing here when comparing the Fedora
> release to Ububtu 12.04 is that Fedora isn't a long term release the
> next release will be in 6 months which is similar time frames to most
> of the other hardfp releases. If it's open source being developed on
> F-17 ARM it can be recompiled to fix the linker standardisation
> problem, and commercial vendors should be well aware of the Fedora
> release schedule and it's guarantee of stability especially on what is
> currently a secondary arch. Fedora is not RHEL.

Peter makes exactly the right point here. We need all LTS releases to
agree, but if 17 unfortunately can't have the linker changed, it'll be
fixed before or by 18, which is only Halloween. And we still get to a
year from now when people are getting to the point of wanting to install
e.g. servers they will want to run for a bit longer than 6 months and
everything they might choose run agrees on linker path.

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