Using livemedia-creator on ARM

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I have a draft of the instructions for using livemedia-creator (Anaconda/Lorax) for creating a disk image on ARM:

I have only tested this on the Trim Slice, and it seems to work well. This assumes you have adequate backing storage (hard disk) to hold the resulting images. If the host system does not have a hard drive, some alternate storage may need to be set up to hold the disk image (i.e., NFS or iSCSI).

Although other ARM platforms should be recognized by Anaconda/Lorax, I don't have any specific U-Boot scripts or templates set up for them yet.

Note: I am trying to get these changes upstream, but they will not be accepted in F17 (too late in the cycle), so I am keeping them in a separate repo for testing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have suggestions for improvement.

Thank you,


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