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Hi All,

Here's the status update on various packages and builds on ARM in F-17.

The differences between ARM and mainline come down to 6 things:
1) Builds exist in updates-testing but are broken in stable - Nothing
to be done except for the mainline ones to be marked stable
2) Build is built happily in F-17 and is one or two revisions out in
the NVR - due to a blocking dep 95% of these are due to llvm.
3) Build is FTBFS - See below
4) Mainline is FTBFS - See below
5) Non ARM packages (x86 / PPC)
6) Parent packages are FTBFS or not yet supported on ARM (gnat / ada mostly)

Nothing needs to be done for 1). and in most cases 2) will clear out
once we have llvm sorted. For 3 & 4 your help is appreciate. Let me
know if you need help committing the fixes:

This is the list through to around the letter I to start with:

Build issues

Pixie - FTBFS - Looks like it tries to fall back to non atomic
instructions which seems to have issues
libEMF - FTBFS - deps: LabPlot
R-bigmemory - gets stuck in koji for some reason
openmpi - atomics - deps: ScientificPython
Io-language - Might be fixed in new release : - deps : TnL
Macaulay2 - FTBFS
dcmtk - FTBFS
aplus-fsf - FTBFS on mainline
ax25-apps - FTBFS on mainline
ClanLib06 - FTBFS - deps : auriferous clanbomber
bigloo - FTBFS
blahtexml - FTBFS on mainline
bwa - FTBFS on mainline
chronojump - FTBFS on mainline
clisp - FTBFS (might need bootstrapping)
cmucl - not sure  (might need bootstrapping)
compat-gcc* - doubt it's worth supporting
coq - FTBFS - dep : flocq gappalib-coq
coredumper - FTBFS on mainline
cp2k - FTBFS (unknown arch possibly?)
ctemplate - FTBFS on mainline
darcs - missing ghc-vector
dhcp-forwarder - FTBFS on mainline
directfb - FTBFS - deps : xine* gxine
eclipse-cdt - upstream working on ARM support - dep: various eclipse bits
email2trac - FTBFS on mainline
enigma - FTBFS on mainline
erlang* - various that need checking
esc - FTBFS on mainline
filebench - FTBFS
fillmore-lombard - FTBFS on mainline
flterm - FTBFS - looks like an issue with clang/llvm
fontmatrix - FTBFS
fpc - needs a platform bring up off binary files - deps : freetennis tuxcmd
fritzing - FTBFS
frysk - FTBFS
fvwm - FTBFS on mainline
fwbuilder - FTBFS
g-wrap - FTBFS on mainline
gcc-python-plugin - FTBFS
geany - FTBFS - deps: geany-plugins, ldc -> dustmite / tango
gengetopt - FTBFS on mainline
gforth - FTBFS on mainline
gluegen - FTBFS
gmpc - mainline FTBFS
gnu-smalltalk - FTBFS
gok - mainline FTBFS
goldendict mainline FTBFS
gorm - FTBFS
gprolog - FTBFS
grace - mainline FTBFS
gridengine - FTBFS
gshutdown - mainline FTBFS
gstreamer-java - FTBFS
gtksourceviewmm - mainline FTBFS
gwget - mainline FTBFS
healpix - mainline FTBFS
hlint - FTBFS
iaxclient - FTBFS
ice - not db4-java subpackge - deps : gearbox -> fawkes
isdn4k-utils - FTBFS - deps: ffgtk
libofx - FTBFS - deps: gnucash
openmpi - atomics - deps: netcdf*, espresso, gdl, gromacs
openni - Possibly might build, needs updating to new version and
possible bootstrap
(blocks opencv -? digikam)
icewm - mainline FTBFS
ikarus - FTBFS

YafaRay - FTBFS
xqilla - FTBFS - deps : diet qpid-cpp -> condor
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