Re: ARMv5 and atomic operations

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On 04/23/2012 11:51 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:
Chris Tyler<chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:

1. Abandon armv5 and move to armv6 where some of the operations we need
are available.  This will still support the raspberry pi- what about
kirkwood *plugs?

That would kill the older plugs -- anything below a d2plug.

However: do we care? Much? Going to v6 would let us optimize better for
the Raspi, which will have greater market penetration than the plugs
when existing orders are filled. Otoh, it's a whole 'nuther rebuild.

I care.  I've got existing plugs that I'd like to continue to use on
Fedora.  Unless someone wants to buy them off me so I can buy something
else?  ;)


What he said.
Especially with Pi's being Xmas Christmas presents if you're ordering them now.

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