Re: Anyone Out There Willing To Test A GUI Version Of Anaconda For Me?

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On 04/09/2012 07:47 AM, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Can someone with a spare F17 (ARMv5 or ARMv7) machine, a network
> connection, and some sort of GUI capability try installing this package
> of Anaconda?
> I can't promise any of this will work or even run but I'd be interested
> in hearing any success or failure test runs/cases.
> The only system I could run this on at work is a Guru with F17 ARMv5 in
> text-mode which Anaconda sets to not show the package selection screen/part.
> To download the v5 version of it:
> # curl -sL
> ''
> -o ana.rpm
> To download the v7 version of it:
> # curl -sL
> ''
> -o ana.rpm
> To install the file:
> # rpm -i ana.rpm
> If you run into dependency requirement install errors, you can get all
> of them in one command with:
> # yum install -y `rpm -i ana.rpm 2>&1 | awk '{ print $1 }'`
> To run it (I think...):
> # anaconda

I gave it a go, your dep collecting commandline fragment also collects
the string Error: which grep -v : takes care of btw.

It does start in graphical mode, asks me what language to use, but when
I click Next on the default English (English), it pops up a box "An
error occurred when attempting to load an installer interface
component."  className = KeyboardWindow.  Then it's just Exit | Retry.

I guess there's some unspoken packaging dependency.

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