Re: ARM Primary FESCO discussion results, round 1

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Chris Tyler wrote:

Otherwise not paying attention to alignment in something like e2fsprogs could plausibly trash the file system:

Even if sloppy programming is not an issue on later ARMs, IMO the alignment issues should be treated as bugs at least until ARMv5 support is completely dropped.

Alignment issues happen on x86 too, but we accept the cost of the
hardware fixup and ignore them.

Only because they are "out of sight - out of mind" and most developers (myself included until relatively recently) don't know better. x86 induced brain damage is not a good thing.

Alignment issues are not necessarily
bugs; sometimes they're the result of conscious decisions that the fixup
is cheaper than the pages and pages of code required to avoid them in
the first place (e.g., in streamed data).

FWIW, of all the alignment bugs I have observed in Fedora packages, precisely 0 were in streamed data. That leads me to think that most instances are oversights rather than conscious decisions.

Anaconda isn't *quite* ready to go yet. And you don't actually gain much
by using Anaconda for many devices- you still have to write an image to
a removal storage device. Which you then run boot... and it writes a new
image to a storage device. You've just made more work for yourself when
you could have installed a working image directly.
In that case you might as well use the same installation procedure on x86, too - there's no reason not to.

We do, after a fashion (and then wrap it in some extra layers): it's
called a Live Disc :-)

Indeed, but that's not an "installation".

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