Re: ARM and shipping of various binary firmware / boot bits

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Yes. Without the code we can not boot the machines. While we could in theory build the bits. Vendors only support the compiled bits they ship. We would likely need to pull in patches from the different vendors trees.
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Tom Callaway <tcallawa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 03/08/2012 10:16 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:

> In some cases they do and we don't need to worry about it, in other
> cases like the PandaBoard they're likely just being too tight to put a
> flash chip on the board to hold the FW/BIOS so you have to have a
> small partition at the beginning of the SD to hold it and the SoC
> basically searches for a location that is set by pin combinations for
> the SoC boot code off serial/mmc/usb,

So, the existing firmware exception is tightly worded, it says:

"The files must be necessary for the functionality of open source code
being included in Fedora."

I'm not sure this BIOS/FW code actually meets that criteria, can you
make that case?


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arm mailing list

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