Re: rawhide package build updates and problems

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On 03/01/2012 09:18 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:

> Now onto the rest....

> - valgrind - I've managed to get it to build on hardfp locally so I
> suspect it's mostly a case of looking at the crack that's in the spec
> to get the right combo. I've not had much luck unfortunately

valgrind is not supported for armv5 processors.  The patch on the following bz might help:

One caution is that the patch turned off the building of the tests because some of them failed on the f15 (probably not the best solution).  Put in a scratch build to see whether that builds on arm f17:

> - systemtap - I think this might depend on java so really not too sure here.  

systemtap is using fop to build pdf version of documentation. The problem looks similar to:

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