FUDCon Blacksburg 2012

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Hello everyone!

I have taken the liberty of doing some planning for this weekend's
FUDCon. The plan (discussed on IRC) calls for an all-day project
gathering on Friday intended to cover current issues and 2012 planing,
keeping Saturday open for a workshop and BarCamp event targeted at
newcomers to the project (existing Fedora folks, others). Sunday morning
is used for wrapup. I figure we might not use all of Friday, but let's
plan on being able to use the whole day so we can make serious progress.


Please make appropriate changes, etc. I would like to find out who on
this list is unable to make it in person but may want to participate, if
it is possible to get a phone bridge hooked up? In any case, we'll try
to keep active IRC logs of discussions, and will mail the list updates.


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