Re: PogoPlug E02 -- 25 bucks.

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2011/12/14 Henrik Nordström <henrik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> ons 2011-12-14 klockan 09:46 -0500 skrev omalleys@xxxxxxx:
>> has the pogoplug P21 for 28 dollars with free shipping.
>> This does have the dual core oxnas chip in it.
> As I said these devices currently run linux 2.6.31 only and upgrading
> the kernel to something newer is not an easy task. It is possible, but
> will require a lot of work to forward port the SoC support to newer
> kernels. Because of this they are of very limited use for Fedora.
> If you are looking into buying something for Fedora usage then better
> pick one based on an CPU that have an actively maintained kernel and
> preferably supported mainline.

There was a new pogo plug series 4 announced yesterday for $99
although I've found it for $75 [1] already. The interesting thing
about it is that it comes with 2x USB-3 ports, a sata port (in the
form of USM), gig ethernet and SD. Didn't manage to find decent
internal specs for it but it looks like it might be a Marvell [3]
processor, if so there should be reasonable support as the XO has a
Marvell processor. To support the gig, 6gb sata and 2 usb3 ports I
would suspect it would have to be some form of ARMv7 but it looks like
it could be an interesting device when more of the details emerge.


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