PogoPlug E02 -- 25 bucks.

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I received a pogoplug from J&R electronics, for 25 bucks with free  
shipping (after signing up for their account. limit2 and the deal ends  
today. It is a pogoplug pink E02 iirc.)

I thought it was going to have the oxnas armv6 processor in it, but it  
ships with the marvell kirkwood. It only has a usb interface and GigE,  
to get to the serial port or the jtag, you need to pull it  
apart,(there are no pins on the board for anything else). Im not sure  
the -exact- specs of it. But I think it is 2gig flash and like 256  
ram, so not the greatest, but it might be a good test machine or  
builder for someone doing armv5 work.

Thus I thought I would pass it along. :)

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