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many thanks....will use the correct email list next time...rebuild the db<and everything else>...added the package....then issued a build...
works!  ty...ty...ty...
i now owe you a beer! <or beverage of your choice> 
once again sorry for the wrong list! 
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Subject: Re: [fedora-arm] Koji Hints
From: Dennis Gilmore <dennis@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, November 27, 2011 8:03 pm
To: arm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

El Sun, 27 Nov 2011 19:47:18 -0700
<webwillow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
> I have finally fully completed a Koji 1.6.0 Setup with 7 arm builders.
> I imported and tagged all the packages as per intructions and linked
> it to my own personal repo as an external repo for performing builds.
> A scratch build will work and i can import and link the built rpms to
> the srpm package. If i try to build a SRPM that has been imported
> without using the --scratch you get "GenericError: Build already
> exists". Am i really missing out on the way to operate the system or
> do you have to scratch build everything and than import them after
> the rebuilds? I would have guessed that you import all the SRPMs and
> than build them all in place or mark them for build and sit back and
> wait. Am i missing a option here or ?

this is the wrong place for this dicussion, you should ask on
buildsys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx koji only allows a nvr to be built
once. so you would need to bump the nvr. you dont import srpms and then
tell koji to build them. you just submit a build with a srpm or scm url.

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