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2011/11/21 Michael Hope <michael.hope@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> 2011/11/21 Henrik Nordström <henrik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> mån 2011-11-21 klockan 11:23 +1300 skrev Michael Hope:
>>> Let me know if Linaro can help.  I see that Joey Ye from ARM is
>>> working in this area as well.
>> Current GCC topics are
>> a) More in depth analysis of the first patch in GCC PR #50521 which aims
>> to fix code generation issues in volatile bitfields accesses. There is
>> some test cases in the PR illustrating the problem (another cpu arch,
>> but also applies to arm). It is unknown to me if linaro have other fixes
>> in this area not yet found in gcc trunk.
> We work upstream so, sorry, we don't have a fix for that one.
>> b) Identifying other ARM critical GCC bugfixes in the linary tree which
>> have not yet made it into gcc-4.6 and try to push those to 4.6 where
>> possible.
> I'll bring this up at our next meeting.
>> So far we have hit another volatile bitfields issue in expr.c
>> fixed by gcc trunk change 171347 (from linaro origin, no PR #
>> identified)
> This is LP: #675347:
> which is also:

I've pinged the original author to see if he can backport it.  If not
then we'll take over.

>> and PR #48190, also of linaro origin.
> This is also LP: #714921.  The second half of the fix may be too big
> for the 4.6 release branch but we'll talk about it in the meeting.

Richard Sandiford is going to look into this.  He originally asked for
approval for 4.6 as well but the response was ambiguous.

-- Michael
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