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2011/11/19 Henrik Nordström <henrik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> tor 2011-11-17 klockan 02:55 -0500 skrev Jon Masters:
>> * gcc - making sure the bitfields patches are in place for v5
> Actually it's not quite in place for v7 even. The gcc in v7 still
> generates bad code on volatile bitfield accesses.
> And v5 probably needs even more changes in that area if I understood
> alignment requirements for v5 correctly.
> See separate discussion on 9 Nov last week regardign GCC PR #50521.
> It would be great if we could get help from some gcc developers in
> analysing the needed changes. The suggested patch which seems to fix
> known code generation is not yet in gcc trunk and is why we have not
> included it in the armv7hl gcc package even if it's been discussed a
> number of times.

Let me know if Linaro can help.  I see that Joey Ye from ARM is
working in this area as well.

-- Michael
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