Re: Matching SRPMs so far (was Koji status update)

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On Thu, 2011-11-17 at 22:21 -0500, DJ Delorie wrote:
> I've taken a moment to ask one of my pretty chart scripts to dump a
> list of all SRPMs that are nvr-identical in both v5 and v7
> repos-so-far.  I put the list here:
> The list doesn't include a few key SRPMs we know we'll need, though,
> like kernel, gcc, glibc, and PackageKit.

Thanks. I think the following would be a good procedure to use:

1). For each of kernel, gcc, glibc, PackageKit the higher numbered
version from either armv5tel or armv7hl should be used and thus the one
on the other architecture should be rebuilt. We could cheat with the
fake kernel deps option again for kernel-headers if kernel is a pain. I
don't think PackageKit can be too much trouble to unify, and gcc and
glibc ought to just be build cycles - anyone got time to build them?

2). For each of the resulting packages from the list + 4 copy the
original versions from the stage4 repos into "arm" and "armhfp" external
repo mirrors within Seneca to use as input for Koji.

3). Build the stage3 package set.

4). Create a repo containing the rebuilt stage3 package set, now rebuilt
properly and more guaranteed to be Fedora-ified. Setup a higher prio
repo containing these versions and add it as an external repo.

5). Build the remainder of the packages in the list+4 that can build.

6). Resolve failures through ongoing continued integration of deltas
between v5 and v7 in the background.


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