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Hi John,

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 7:55 AM, Jon Masters <jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Folks,
> My take on current progress is that we have a lot of packages with bits still needing to head upstream, and we have a number of package deltas between v5 and v7, but the core set of packages we actually need to get a minimal build done is about there. Minus:
> * gcc - making sure the bitfields patches are in place for v5
> * glibc - delta needs attention
> I'm not so concerned about lorax and anaconda at this stage, and I don't think we have critical reps on python3. In reading through the package lists again tonight on DJ's graphs, I can't help but think we could partially import enough packages to get Koji running almost immediately tomorrow, then pull in the rest as we get that resolved. Assuming that is the case, we should focus on gcc and glibc reconciliation and get this going asap.
> Please reply to this mail with your input. Let's have a status sync up on IRC later.

Absolutely agree. None of the lists I've seen have core build root
packages except for the two you mention. There's a number of
differences between the lists I've seen and a lot of the spec patches
that are in the stage4 repos were already upstreamed from the work I'd
done with F-14.

Once the gcc/glibc fixes are in we're good to go. I'd not looked at
pushing them upstream as I'd figured the people who'd been dealing
with them likely had them in hand and knew a lot more of the issues in
hand than I do.

I think for the F-15 build its going to a little break/fix as we go
along as there's likely other bits we've missed or have changed since,
as long as the people that fix those problems commit the fix to all
F-15/16/rawhide branches then and there so the fixes don't get lost
and have to be repeated again.

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