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ons 2011-11-09 klockan 12:57 -0500 skrev DJ Delorie:

>     Remaining dependencies on stage3 RPMs

Actually it's not. It's a report of missing dependencies in stage4. Many
packages build without all their runtime dependencies, and we have some
packages that may need a rebuild due to dependencies having changed.
Very little of that is related to stage3.

stage3 is now down to the following:

clutter-gesture-0.0.2-2.fc15.src.rpm stage3
ecj-3.4.2-9.fc15.src.rpm stage3
gdm-3.0.0-3.fc15.src.rpm stage3
kernel- stage3
perl-Tk-804.029-1.fc15.src.rpm stage3
w3m-0.5.2-21.fc15.src.rpm stage3

clutter-gesture is not needed I think. Certainly not needed for starting
koji rebuild.

ecj needs to be solved as there builds depending on it. Not sure how it
was built in stage3.

gdm need to be fixed before release, but not needed for starting the
koji rebuild I think.

kernel is mainly a matter of picking a kernel and have it built.. or use
whatever is in stage4 already (older version, but should work for

perl-Tk is a mainline F15 FTBFS, fixed in F16+. Bug #660922.

w3m similarly F15 FTBFS, fixed in F16+. Bug #716155. Not sure if there
is bulds depending on it.


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