Installing Fedora on a Tablet with Infotmic OMAP x210 processor

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I'm trying to install Fedora arm on a tablet with the Infotmic OMAP x210 processor.

The device is shipped with a customized version of Android 2.2. The filesystem is
stored into one internal 8GB SD card, so after opening it, it is easy to override it
to whatever needed.

The device is this one:
I bought two while in CZ for the KS/LinuxCon Europe for a bargain, so it would
be nice to get it supported on Fedora ;)

Android says it runs a kernel zjd@dtlinuxserver #45.

There isn't many information about the processor at the manufacturer's site:

It seems, from the above, that it has an ARM11 CPU running at 1GHz.

My question is:

1) would it be possible to use the existing uImage kernel to boot it with Fedora?

2) Does anyone know where I could get the arm subarch patches (if required)
in order to compile a new kernel for it?

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