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Thoughts on the future of FUDCon/DoCon

Apologies in advance for the long mail, but having read
http://wordshack.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/the-future-of-fudcons/ (and
now the comments associated with it), I've got some feedback, and
wanted to get more visibility on-list vs. in a blog post. I wrote most
of this before I had the opportunity to review the feedback on the
post itself, but I think that it is still quite relevant (and a few of
my points haven't yet been brought up):

* Overall, the idea is sound, and basically says what we've known (at
least in NA) for awhile - this is contributor focused event. I
actually think that this is a Good Thing(TM) to keep on track. (I'll
add here that I have never been to a FUDCon outside of North America.
>From reviewing the comments on the blog post, it appears that the
perception/actuality of the event may be different in other regions,
and I'm very interested in hearing that).

* Organizing a FUDCon as it exists today is a *ton* of work. When you
multiply the event by 4 (or more) then it becomes very unwieldy for a
person to manage, which may negate the idea of "whoever's passionate
about this organizes it" and turn it into a full-time job.

* I think that the openness of the current format is something that we
want to preserve. I don't want to turn it into a "invite-only" event
(ala UDS). If people want to show up, we should foster new
contributors at this event. But we should make it *extremely clear*
that is the purpose.

* There may be people that (for whatever reason) don't want to or
can't travel out-of-region. Just something to think about. Again,
reading the comments on the blog post got me thinking that proximity
to the majority of the people that are actually doing things would be
important - it's a quite different thing for me to head up to, say
Boston from NYC, than it is for me to go to London for something.

Last time we made a major change in the FUDCon structure, we had a FAD
in RDU to come up with the format - I think that's warranted if it's
decided that we actually want to do something like this (though I'd
prefer not to repeat the Raleigh experience - it was done in January
and they got like 3 inches of snow and the whole place just shut down
for some reason! This is *not* a big deal, guys! :) ).

Lastly, I think that we do want to preserve events for users. I'm not
sure how to do this off the top of my head, though. Just throwing an
idea out on the table would be to have something sort of like a FAD in
conjunction with major OSS conferences (thinking things like SCaLE and
OLF in NA, LinuxTag in EMEA, etc) that wouldn't need a ton of
contributors present, so it'd be cheap to do. I think that showing off
what (and who!) Fedora is makes a lot of sense.
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