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Re: [Ambassadors] Petition for Board to dissolve FAmSCo and call new elections

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 8:04 AM, Rex Dieter <rdieter@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 04/19/2012 08:03 AM, Ben Williams wrote:
>> those same people voted to change the Election Rules therefore ALL
>> members of FAmsco Seats should be open for this election and be done
> The whole point of the election rules change(s) was to stagger replacements,
> no?

That is one of the important points, there are other concerns
addressed by the changes too (for example, the composition of the
electorate and the filling of mid-term vacant seats).

The contention in a nutshell is over the decision to apply the new
rules retroactively to the previous election results rather than just
adopt the new rules and have them govern the conduct of elections
following their adoption.

We end up having staggered elections no matter which option is chosen.

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