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Re: Question about the trademark policy and usage of the Fedora logo

On 03/29/2012 06:45 AM, info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Concerning the Fedora trademark policy: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines#Non-software_goods
> Would this his the right place to request an approval for commercial usage of Fedora Logo?
> Some background: The selling would happen thru NixStickers.com (site still under construction at the moment); the site is about OpenSource related stickers; *nix like distros, software (Apache, Tomcat, etc.), Database (PostgreSQL) and programming languages (Python, Perl, etc.). The selection will depend on the responses/approvals from the trademark/logo owners.
> The idea is to raise the awareness of OpenSource software with fashionable stickers that developers and users can use to decorate their hardware.
> The site is commercial, but it is not really about making money; just enough to keep it floating (estimated price for a sticker is around 0.70-1 euros at the moment).
> I would like to request permission to use Fedora logo and perhaps text Fedora on a sticker - see attached file for early draft version (about the same design that unfortunate UnixSticker.com had - this request is not affiliated with them).
> Could you please guide me to the right direction with this query or reply if this request can be approved even partially, and if so what should be changed in the sticker design.
> The original idea is to get these ready for LinuxTag2012 in Berlin, I would like to visit Fedora Project stand to give out some stickers from the first production batch.

At this time, I believe the answer here is no. This is not the first
such request, nor will it be the last, but we do not yet have a good
plan for accepting any requests for external commercial usage of the
Fedora trademarks at this time.

It is something that we continue to research though, although I do not
see any way for this to change before LinuxTag 2012.


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