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Re: Sponsoring event attendees

On 02/15/2012 08:42 AM, Jared K. Smith wrote:
On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Robyn Bergeron<rbergero@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
We do continue to have FADs -- I think we are having fewer of them that
are focused on solving a particular problem, and perhaps more of them that
are oriented as "Mini-FUDCons."
Hence my comments in my "State of Fedora" address at FUDCon Blacksburg
about improving the quality of FADs.  During my time as FPL, I saw
several of FADs that didn't have a clear goal, any clear metrics to
gauge whether or not the FAD was successful, and no clear reporting
after the FAD (except for a few blog posts that said "I went to
such-and-such event").  My first experience with a FAD was a FAD for
getting the Fedora Talk server up and running.  While the Fedora Talk
service was eventually shut down due to lack of use, I felt the FAD
was successful because it had a very limited goal, we had a way of
measuring whether or not the goal was being achieved, and we reported
back after the FAD on what we did and what we learned.

In my view, a FAD has to be about more than just getting people to
events -- there has to be an underlying reason why sending someone to
the FAD is a good use of Fedora resources.
Yes, and a clear list of goals, and follow-up afterwards on what was accomplished.

While I think that the quality of FADs is a problem, I think it takes somewhat of a backseat to the fact that (a) people who do have goals don't realize that there are resources available that they can make use of in a good way, or if they do, there may be questions as to how they obtain said resources, and (b) more generally, if people are confused or questioning under what circumstances they can accomplish things -- or more generally, not aware that they are empowered to have SIGs, or solve problems, without asking or getting permission -- they won't be taking the initiatives to go ahead and *have* a FAD. If we aren't, as leaders, going out and encouraging and inspiring and lending a helping hand occasionally by saying, "I like your idea, have you thought about taking it further? What do you see in Fedora that could be improved?" - newcomers to the community aren't going to know, or in some cases, have the confidence, or feel that they have support, to say, I have an idea, and it's freaking awesome, and who wants to join me?

Those are the baby steps on the way to having a FAD. Having some inspiration, having a group gathered around an idea, and knowing that there are resources available. And most importantly: being empowered to make change, and drive innovation, and further the community, and knowing you can do so, without asking permission to have an idea. Eventually, some people will have FADs; others won't, but the seeds have to be there.
Jared Smith
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