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Re: Requests for Advice from the Board

Somewhat separate from the rest of the thread, which is why I'm replying to the OP.

At the same time we often see issues come before the Board that are routinely met with a "this isn't the Board's business" sort of reaction.

I know that John is just paraphrasing here, but the truth is that there are a number of times where all you see is something along the lines of "not an issue for the Board" or "Board says that $PROJECT should do what it thinks is best".

If I were on the Fedora Board, or the FPL, I would make it a rule that answers like that are no longer going to be given. It's okay for that to be the message -- and there are many times where it will be the message. But my point is that there should be more.

If the Board wants to delegate a matter to another part of the Fedora community, that's fine. But in making that delegation, a few sentences about why the Board wants to delegate the issue should always be given, as well as (optionally) any general thoughts or comments that the Board or Board members have on the issue that they'd like to see considered.

This has the positive result of continuing to push decision making and authority to the edges of the community, but it also has the benefit of establishing an institutional memory of why things happen the way they do, and can be instructive to future Board members who get a bit more insight into how decisions are made.

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