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Re: Fedora Torrent seeder plans and future

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 01:40:05PM -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> Just wanted to clarify something for everyone:
> We can make a torrent work. It is not pretty and I don't LOVe using
> unmaintained software but we CAN make it function.
> This discussion is not about the various techinical implementations of
> torrent, really. It's about whether or not we want to spend the time
> maintaining something which gives us only about 950 completed iso
> downloads a day and is increasingly being blocked and rate-limited in
> networks all over the world.
> BitTorrent feels like the trailing edge of technology these days and
> the incredibly dilapidated state of all the server software to implement
> torrents is evidence of that, imo.
> We do better with our download servers and mirrors by FAR than the
> torrent. 
<nod> and with that in mind, if the Board is asking that torrents be left up
(It seemed the argument was that for some areas of the world, torrents are
more reliable than direct downloads) it would be good to let infrastructure
know what would constitute not enough usage to be worth keeping.

A percentage of downloads of the iso?
A raw number of completed downloads?
Something like the above but restricted to a certain geographical area?

that way infra can have a better idea of our overall goal.


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