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Re: FUDcon Board Meeting

On 01/21/2012 07:33 AM, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

> Is it that you think that the browsers within Fedora and the websites should
> use the same search engine and in that case, the Board is the lowest common
> denominator with power to try to make everyone do that?  I do not believe
> the case has been made strongly enough for the Board to agree with you that
> that is a goal worth the Board making a decision for the maintainers and
> websites team at this point (if there were a search service which was free
> software, then I think the Board might change their minds but that's not the
> case here.)

This issue keeps coming up the board because there is a number of people
who believe it is within the board's purview.  If the board doesn't want
to take the responsibility, noone can force it and I am not going to try.

I think I have made my case already and I wanted the board to consider
not merely the search engine issue but in general consider how much
responsibility it wants to take up, be it lead, manage or something
else.  Currently it seems not much more than a administrative body
rubber stamping community domains names, spins etc.

If the board is shy to take up issues, the net result is that fewer
people will consider bringing up the something to the board and I would
argue that it is already the case (see the traffic trends in this
mailing list from a few years back to now) and that reduces the overall
effectiveness of the board as a governing body.  The problem is in part
because the scope of the board doesn't seem to have defined clearly.  We
don't seem to have a written constitution or charter yet.  That needs to
be fixed.

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