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Re: FUDcon Board Meeting

2012/1/20 Máirín Duffy <duffy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Fri, 2012-01-20 at 08:19 -0800, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> If you can give me something like that then either I'll have missed that in
>> evaluating whether the Board should take an active role and I might
>> re-evaluate whether the Board should do more.  Or I may have already been
>> aware of it and evaluated it when the Board made its decision but didn't
>> consider it worthwhile for the Board to interfere at the package level.  In
>> either case, I can give you an explanation of why I do or don't see that as
>> reason for the Board to step in and we can either move forward to changing
>> the Board's decision or agree to disagree.
> The reason I initially raised the question to the board was because
> there was a long-running board discussion either when I was on the board
> or just before involving switching out the search engine on start.fpo
> because using google was undesirable. So it had been a board-level issue
> before.
> We're still using google though, and while ddg isn't perfect, it's
> better because of the privacy policy Rahul cited as well as their
> donations to open source projects. It also provides choice to the end
> user (so if you like google results, you can use ddg as a google
> gateway) but it's a less direct / specific endorsement of any one search
> engine.
> ~m

IIRC this issue has come indeed come up to the board multiple times -
and at least every time in my tenure on the board, we've always said
that we didn't think there was anything for us to decide - no clear
open source search engine alternative meant it was essentially turning
it off or choosing something non-open source - both decisions we
trusted that those doing the work (websites) were capable of making
good decisions.

Privacy policy might be better. I personally, think you'd have a hard
time arguing that DDG does more for open source than google. Google
contributes and allows their folks to contribute code and other things
to open source projects, and they also contribute a ton of money to
open source endeavours, including GSoC.

All of that said - it makes no difference to me personally what the
websites team chooses to do - I am certain that those folks are
capable of making a well reasoned competent decision and don't need
meddling from the likes of me.

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