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Fedora Board public IRC meeting today at 18:30 UTC

The Fedora Board will hold its bi-weekly public IRC meeting at 18:30
UTC today.  Please note that that we recently moved the Board meetings
from to meet in the #fedora-meeting channel (on the
Freenode network) as long as there are no conflicting meetings at that
time.  Additional details on our IRC meetings can be found at

We invite everyone with an interest in the the future of Fedora to
join the meeting and participate in the discussions.

Our agenda for today is:

* Updates
* Board Business
** Plan for Board business at FUDCon
** Tickets
*** 127: fr.fedoracommunity.org redirect to fedora-fr.org
* Open question and answer session

Meeting Secretary: Rex Dieter

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
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