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Partnership with DuckDuckGo?


DuckDuckGo is an alternative to Google and Bing that, while not really
open source, uses open source components, donates 10% of their profits
to open source projects, and is of course built on free software:


So how does that make them different from say Google? Well, they are
extremely committed to user privacy and don't track users or otherwise
collect or retain personal information about them:


I recently came across an article that mentioned LinuxMint now ships
with DuckDuckGo configured:


I don't know if shipping with DuckDuckGo configured in our browsers by
default is a good idea or not, but it would be nice if we could ship
with it as an option. At least for Firefox, there's already a search
engine plugin written for it. Certainly their stances on user privacy
seem more in-line with our own.

We've also fielded some criticism I think for using Google as the
start.fedoraproject.org search engine. DuckDuckGo might be a friendlier
alternative for start.fpo.

Does this make sense? Would it be appropriate to file a ticket with
FESCO on including them by default and with the websites team to
consider using DDG for start.fpo? Or is it not enough benefit?

I was interested in hearing folks weigh in here.


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