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Re: Improving the Spins process

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 10:58 AM, Jared K. Smith
<jsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 2) While discussing some of the shortcomings of using wiki categories
> to track progress on Spins, we also talked about the Features process
> and how it too might benefit from using a ticketing system to track
> progress of features.  As I understand it, Robyn (as the Fedora
> Program Manager) already opens a FESCo ticket for each feature (so
> that it's on the FESCo agenda), but uses wiki categories to track the
> state (proposed, accepted, rejected, etc.) of each feature.  Is there
> interest in moving the features process over to using tickets for
> keeping track of the feature state, and keeping the discussion about
> the feature in one easy-to-find location, rather than having it
> scattered across talk pages, wiki pages, and FESCo meeting minutes?

I believe and practice the use of a tracking system for my work
everyday, is a great thing to have, im a heavy redmine user and people
that know me personally is aware about this fact. I honestly believes
all those process can better tracked, documented, and structured using
such kind of integrated tools instead of trying to do it by combining
wiki + mailing + trac (plus the coding needed to integrate them, it
also makes it easier to maintain).

I wish the actual trac instance gets updated sometime soon and get all
those nice features i already enjoy with redmine (such as in
rpmdev.proyectofedora.org - latam projects).

Ing.Guillermo Gomez S.
Fedora Board Member A4
http://gomix.fedora-ve.org  << this is a redmine just in case u never
visited my site previously...
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