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Re: Renaming F16 codename to "Ritchie"

On Friday 14 October 2011 08:56:29 Emilio Lopez wrote:
> What about calling Fedora 18 Ritchie?

F18 is one year away, which is a bit too far away for paying respects IMHO. 
>From my POV we either do something *now* (i.e. in F16), or not do anything at 

Paying respects to a passed away person is done immediately after their death, 
or at first *possible* opportunity, and not at ones first *convenient* 
oportunity. IMNSHO.

No offence to Emilio, but suggesting that we do this for F18 is a bit 
hypocritical. It's essentially a statement of the form "Sorry Dennis, you 
chose a poor time to die, the vote for F17 is already over. You are the 
creator of C and UNIX, but you'll have to wait six more months, since "Beefy 
Miracle" will go first. Tough luck, don't take it personally.".

That is downright rude, given that we are the Fedora community and that we are 
not constrained by any higher power to choose a codename for a release. So 
please, folks, if we are going to pay respects to the man, let's do it 
properly, ok?

Best, :-)

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