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Renaming F16 codename to "Ritchie"

Dear Board members and everyone else,

I have just subscribed to this list in order to raise this question, apologies 
if I am breaking any list ettiquette. :-)

Based on a recent (today's) death of Dennis Ritchie, the man who invented both 
C and UNIX (along with Kernighan and Thompson, of course), I am proposing a 
way for the Fedora Community to pay respects to him, in the following way.

(1) To open a vote for the following change in the Fedora codenames:
     * to rename the upcoming F16 release from "Verne" to "Ritchie",
     * to rename the F17 release from "Beefy Miracle" to "Verne",
     * to name the F18 release "Beefy Miracle".
(2) To implement the decision reached by voting.

I believe that the death of Dennis Ritchie should be reflected in Fedora in 
some way, given his contributions to UNIX, C and computing in general. 
Furthermore, a codename appears to be a perfect way to pay respects. 

Specifically, I believe that the least we can do is to rename the first upcoming 
release of Fedora, which is F16. It will be officially supported for a year, 
which seems appropriate length. In addition, it will be released fairly soon.
The future F17 release should be renamed "Verne" in order not to insult the 
great writer nor the people who voted this codename, and to restore the 
continuity of the "is a" relationship for codenames. The F18 release doesn't 
yet have a codename, and it seems fit that it be codenamed "Beefy Miracle", in 
order not to insult the voters of that name, and to keep the "is a" 

I also believe that this occasion warrants such kind of an exception and a 
deviation from the usual naming scheme.

There is an ongoing discussion about this on the Fedora users list, and Rahul 
Sundaram pointed us to the Fedora Board as a proper list to formally make this 

I am just a simple Fedora user, contributing with occasional advices and some 
help on the users list, and this is my very first official contribution to the 
project (if it can be called a contribution). Apologies if I didn't follow any 
guidelines about this. This proposal is just my opinion alone, although I 
welcome everyone to support it.

So, is this feasible? What do you think?

Best, :-)

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