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Re: New trademark approval policy

On 08/01/2011 12:05 PM, Tom Callaway wrote:
> On 08/01/2011 02:20 PM, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> Well the problem here is "who are we". If I work for Red Hat it is
>> clear. If I don't it become more nebulous.. if the people at Linode
>> had signed the FPCA, does that mean they would need to follow these
>> rules, but if they didn't.. they don't? When does the "We" occur.
> Technically, the FPCA has nothing to do with this.
> Everyone should be following the trademark guidelines. (To be completely
> anal, Red Hat does not have to follow the guidelines because it owns the
> trademarks, but it is safe to assume that Red Hat abides by the
> guidelines in all sane scenarios.)
> This issue is about the case where someone wants approval to use the
> Fedora mark (and not the Remix mark), and what the process should be for
> that approval.
> Christoph is asking for that process to be documented, specifically:
> * Identifying which groups within fedora are responsible for signoffs of
> spins/images/handouts using the Fedora mark.
> * Asking these groups to document the necessary process for getting that
> signoff.
> * Centralizing this information in a single location
> IMHO, it is the Board's responsibility to oversee and complete the above
> tasks, keeping in mind that certain use cases may not need signoff from
> all groups (e.g. a spin/image not intended for physical distribution
> with no changes in artwork probably does not need to be reviewed by the
> Design Team).


"It is permissible to use the Fedora Trademarks without prior permission 
in connection with the provision and sale of virtual images or appliance 
distributions pre-loaded with Fedora software, provided that..."

Fedora on EC2 complies with all of this. So I'm ... puzzled, I suppose, 
as to why I'm running around trying to have an "officially sanctioned" 
test day, some sort of signoff sheet, and blessing by release 
engineering, for an image that the SIG itself is entirely capable of 
creating in 5 minutes now, and obviously would test anyhow because 
people take pride in what they do, etc.


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