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Re: A proposal for your thoughts, as we plan future FUDCons...

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 01:01:36PM +0200, Marcela MaÅlÃÅovà wrote:
> I agree with Jared. The feeling "everything happens in NA FUDCon" come
> from fact, that leaders of many projects are from NA, so most of
> decision is happening there. Also I'm always wondering if anyone
> interesting would be on non-NA events. It might be good invite Fedora
> celebrities in advance, so organizers could say there will be decision
> makers.
Perhaps more than individual celebrities... inviting certain teams... So
something like combininga FUDCon in a region with a FAD that should happen
there (b/c some of the team involved is already meeting there).

That is - if we want to have decisions made at FUDCons.  FUDCon is good for
discussion but since not everyone can attend a FUDCon who has a stake in
certain issues, it's ofen unclear precisely how much decision making
can/should occur vs outlning problems and coming up with a selection of
*potential* solutions.


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