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(taking this to virt-tools-list, we are discontinuing et-mgmt-tools)

> For the most part I like the way virt-manager works.  However, there are a 
> couple of (usability) things that really annoy me and I was wondering if 
> anyone else is annoyed.
> 1.  The "are you sure" popup that occurs when you do a shutdown/force-off 
> (virtual poweroff).  While this popup may be the right thing to do in a 
> production environment, it is aggravating in a test/development environment 
> where virtual poweroff is used frequently.
> I would like to see an option to disable the popup (that is, just do the 
> virtual poweroff) as either a global parameter or (maybe better) a per guest 
> option.

Yes, I've been meaning to put an option to "Don't show this again" in that
dialog for a while now.

> 2. The "apply" button on the boot selection panel for a guest, is a pain (I 
> often forget to do it after I change the boot device):
> Preferred way to work: just change the boot device (eliminate the apply 
> button).

Boot device and autostart are the probably the only changes we could safely do
without the user explicitly hitting apply. Only downside is that it would be
inconsistent with the rest of the screens. I'm not opposed to the idea if
someone wanted to implement it.

Filing bugs for these ( would be


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