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On 06/17/2009 02:28 AM, Michal Novotny wrote:
> Well, in my opinion you have to consider that virt-manager supports both
> KVM and Xen so you can't simply give KVM only stuff there. It's like the
> ac97 card request - Xen doesn't support this card so virt-manager
> doesn't have a choice to select it at all. 

This isn't very clear. Because xen doesn't support ac97 (and neither does old
QEMU), we can't _unconditionally_ add an ac97 card. That doesn't mean we can't
support it, such as giving the user an option to install ac97 via the Add
Hardware wizard if they are using qemu or kvm.

Just because virt-manager supports N platforms doesn't mean we can't support
features that only work on M < N platforms, we just need to expose them in a
hypervisor independent way (but libvirt largely sets the stage for this).


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