edge case with virt-manager and multiple connections

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I'm using virt-manager 0.6.0 on F10 and I came across an edge case
with regard to managing multiple connections.  In my case the domain
xml files were mounted via NFS and shared across multiple hosts.
This obviously leads to guests on each machine having the same uuid.
I expected each of my 3 virt hosts to list all the domains and to be
able to select where I wanted a particular guest to be started.  What
I didn't expect was that once I started a guest on one domain it
immediately showed up as "Running" on the other two virt hosts.
Stopping the VM on the correct host also behaves as expected.

Is this a case virt-manager should handle?  I could attempt a patch if
given a bit of guidance.  Namely,

Should a vmmDomain have knowledge of which host is running on?

Should there be seperate instances for each host even though they have
the same uuid (which in this case is not really a uuid).

Would it be best to simply patch the UI to handle this edge case?


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