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Bryan Kearney wrote:
Cole Robinson wrote:
Bryan Kearney wrote:
Cole Robinson wrote:
Hi all,

Page 5: Summary and Advanced Options

The summary section is pretty straight forward, no surprises here.
The 'Advanced Options' section encompasses networking, hypervisor, and
architecture options. The hypervisor and arch defaults were explained

For networking, the default is:

- A bridge device if any exist, else
- Virtual Network 'default' (comes out of the box with libvirt), else
- First available virtual network, else
- no networking!
Networking being "hidden" seems a bit odd here. In a decent number of
the cases I have used the tool in (not all) i wanted to select this. It
it possible to show this information on the summary, and then have them
click into advanced to set it?

In the times you were changing the default network selection, what was
the reason? Choosing from more than one virtual net or bridge? Just curious.

I had a specific bridge I wanted it to use. Normally.. I want it to use default, but in 2 use cases I have specific bridges which I want them to use.

The reasoning here is we want the UI to be as simple as possible for the
out of the box user, which at most has 1 virtual network (and 1 bridge
device if using xen networking). For these users, we don't want them to
concern themselves with the default, we want it to 'just work'

I agree. Which is why I wonder can you show that in the review step.. and then have them click to edit.

Anything beyond that case requires explicit user setup ahead of time,
they should know full well when creating a new VM that they will have to
select some non-default network setup. Forcing them to click the
'Advanced Options' expander doesn't seem like a loss, compared to the
gain of allowing new users to not have to even think about networking
(either by showing the network drop down, or having a summary field
showing some choice they didn't explicitly make.)

How dynamic is the network list under advanced?

What happens if you don't find the network you are looking for and decide to go off an create it while leaving the wizard waiting on step 5? Do you have to restart the wizard?

Also the wizard should support multiple NICs and disks - perhaps from step 5 - be able to launch sub-wizards to add nic and add disk?


Subhendu Ghosh
Red Hat
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Email: sghosh@xxxxxxxxxx

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