Re: Alpha Core 3 on XP 1000/Glint driver?

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On 3/13/07, Jon_norstog <thursday@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 16:35 +0100, Balint Cristian wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 March 2007 16:21, Dialup Jon Norstog wrote:
> > Sergey & Cristian,
> >
> > thanks for the hints.  I have a bunch of CD drives, including SCSI.  Same
> > thing happened way back, installing RH 7.1 from factory stamped CDs.
> >
> > An 8X Cd  drive did the job that time.  I'll try some of those tricks.
>  Personaly i bought for ~30USD an old caddysh plextor and an old 4x writer
> scsi-matsushita unit.
> Those never failed anymore, indeed those are _really_ good quality units !
>   My PWS Miata camed equiped with lite-on IDE wich from my experience is a sucky sh*t, even
> if its brand new ...
> /cristian
To the list:

Text install failed in the same way as graphic.  I did then change to my
old Sony 8x CDrom drive and got a clean graphical install, first time.
I wasn't really able to see what I got with the default installs - the
Xserver wouldn't load, apparently the install did not pick up the Glint
driver for my 3Dlabs Oxygen VX1 card.

I'll either swap out for a Radeon or muck around and see if the driver
is in there, or maybe copy it over from my AC2 install on the same

IIRC, lots of glint boards have multiple PCI ids (one for  the
rasterizer, one for the geometry engine, one for the vga core, etc.),
getting the glint driver to work often means sorting out which id to
bind to.  I don't recall the details.  You might want to check google
or ask on the xorg ML.


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