Re: Alpha Core Development

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Am 2007-03-14 10:47, Sergey Tikhonov schrieb:
Oliver Falk wrote:

Yea, in the past RH accepted patches to their work, but didn't wanted to hold alpha specific patches to the main package source. Instead, they wanted to have it fixed by source provider. That's ok. It just takes sometime then main source gets to fedora repository...

In the past, RH used to make a alpha distribution :-)

However, if the patch is specfile specific (no source code patching), I hope they will include it :-)

Yes. They do. But amount of such patches is very low (really sometimes RH people put ExclusiveArch in spec file for no reasons).

I know of these :-) If I encounter such a case, I'll 'zilla it. :-P


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