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Sergey & Cristian,

thanks for the hints.  I have a bunch of CD drives, including SCSI.  Same
thing happened way back, installing RH 7.1 from factory stamped CDs.

An 8X Cd  drive did the job that time.  I'll try some of those tricks.


Allidaho LLC (

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> Dialup Jon Norstog wrote:
> >To the list:
> >
> >I downloaded AC3 last weeek, md5sums OK, etc and burned the disks.  Couldn't
> >get them to work on either an xp1000/EV67 or a PWS600. The graphic installer
> >hangs at various places ... i changed CD drives on the XP, some improvement. 
> >Burned a new set of CDs on a better machine, still can't run the install.
> >
> >The installer hangs especially when it starts the install, but other problems
> >rise when you get to the point of choosing install packages.  No list of
> >programs or packages comes up.  Etc. Etc.
> >
> >I got the setup from, I assume its good, atleast the
> >MD5sums are OK.
> >
> >I know the distro was built on a PWS and it should run like clockwork.  I will
> >try a text install toningt and see if things work better ..
> >  
> >
> Yes, I did two full installs (gui and text) on PWS. But I used nfs 
> install (tired of reburning of CDs and getting read errors from them)
> . The missing list of packages is known problem just install what 
> ever it installs by default and yum necessary packages later. I 
> really didn't want to spend a lot of time trying to fix it, due my 
> little experience in python and really hard environment for 
> debugging of installer. :( So, if you can use nfs install its even 
> faster. :)
> Regards,
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