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Am 2007-03-09 14:26, Mike Barnes schrieb:
On 09/03/2007, at 9:20 PM, Oliver Falk wrote:
Maybe use mirrorlist instead? We could distribute it with the new alphacore-release and manage the mirrorlist in a central point. Everyone who has a mirror could be added to the list then...

That's pretty much a "later" thing, I think. For now, there's enough bandwidth and the server's not going anywhere. I can redirect as necessary. I threw that copy together as a test for my own benefit, as much as anything. If Sergey or Cristian have a better idea, I'll go with that, or point the ftp hostname at if they prefer.

However you like....

Do you use mrepo for this? It's easy to use and I already sent the author some alpha-specific patches; Means, it should work out of the box. :-)

I'm not sure what tools I have to work with - the FTP server is actually running on an Ubuntu/PPC system. I'm keeping it fairly minimal while I get used to it. I've never really administered a live Debian-based system before. :) I got 'createrepo' going, so I've got a lot of support libraries for RPM now, but not much else beyond that.

I'm not sure if this works fine with ubuntu...

Also, the server's got some awkward restrictions on the network it's on - FTP and HTTP need to go through an authenticated proxy server, and I don't like keeping proxy authentication credentials on the disk, so I have to sync manually right now. It's the main reason I'd be keen to see rsync going on; it's not blocked.

Ftp and http go through a proxy and rsync is open? Grrr... :-(

Is anyone looking into tracking Fedora Core's released updates? I'm planning on a little "extras" repository myself, like I've got running for CentOS/Alpha, where if I build something like VLC I'll pop it in there for others.
That's a good idea. However, that's exactly the reason why I want alpha as a secondary arch for Fedora. We could manage everything from one central point...

I'd love to see this happen, I really would, but whatever happens I doubt it'll come together in a hurry, and we probably need to plan for at least six months or so of doing AC3 updates manually.

You are right, of course you are! This will not happen in a hurry if it ever happens. However, let's pray that we are wrong and it happens faster than we expect :-)

Oh, and rsync should be active on itself in a few hours.
Tested, works. :-)

Good to know. :) I'm obviously getting the hang of this "Debian" thing.

I also now have my DS10 running again after scavenging a video card for it. It's purring on my desk at work now, so I might actually manage to give it some attention again.

Great! It's really good to hear you're back on alpha. :-P


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