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On 09/03/2007, at 9:20 PM, Oliver Falk wrote:
Maybe use mirrorlist instead? We could distribute it with the new alphacore-release and manage the mirrorlist in a central point. Everyone who has a mirror could be added to the list then...

That's pretty much a "later" thing, I think. For now, there's enough bandwidth and the server's not going anywhere. I can redirect as necessary. I threw that copy together as a test for my own benefit, as much as anything. If Sergey or Cristian have a better idea, I'll go with that, or point the ftp hostname at if they prefer.

Do you use mrepo for this? It's easy to use and I already sent the author some alpha-specific patches; Means, it should work out of the box. :-)

I'm not sure what tools I have to work with - the FTP server is actually running on an Ubuntu/PPC system. I'm keeping it fairly minimal while I get used to it. I've never really administered a live Debian-based system before. :) I got 'createrepo' going, so I've got a lot of support libraries for RPM now, but not much else beyond that.

Also, the server's got some awkward restrictions on the network it's on - FTP and HTTP need to go through an authenticated proxy server, and I don't like keeping proxy authentication credentials on the disk, so I have to sync manually right now. It's the main reason I'd be keen to see rsync going on; it's not blocked.

Is anyone looking into tracking Fedora Core's released updates? I'm planning on a little "extras" repository myself, like I've got running for CentOS/Alpha, where if I build something like VLC I'll pop it in there for others.
That's a good idea. However, that's exactly the reason why I want alpha as a secondary arch for Fedora. We could manage everything from one central point...

I'd love to see this happen, I really would, but whatever happens I doubt it'll come together in a hurry, and we probably need to plan for at least six months or so of doing AC3 updates manually.

Oh, and rsync should be active on itself in a few hours.
Tested, works. :-)

Good to know. :) I'm obviously getting the hang of this "Debian" thing.

I also now have my DS10 running again after scavenging a video card for it. It's purring on my desk at work now, so I might actually manage to give it some attention again.

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