Re: Torrents galore...but has anyone actually tried it?

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Carl Lowenstein wrote:
On 3/7/07, Sergey Tikhonov <tsv@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Jay Estabrook wrote:
>> So, one can now download AC3 in record time, but how does it
>> actually work on your Alphas?
> Oh, you want a _working_ distro? What a demanding guy :-)

Yea, I would love to have some feedback too. :) It would be very nice to
know that it is really used by someone. :)

> When I get enough round tuits (probably next weekend), I will try
> installing it on my UP2000+ and let you know.
> Steve

Sergey Tikhonov

Thank you very much.
I downloaded the whole thing, and have it now running on my Alpha
DS10.  What now seem like minor obstacles made it a 1.5-day project
rather than the two or three hours that it should have been.  One
should emphasize the necessity for a BSD disk label on the system
disk, and the necessity to delete partition "c" before letting
DiskDruid get its hands on the disk.
I thought that having bsd type partition is widely known. :)
Actually, automatic partitioning handles this problem more or less well especially if you had
no partition at all.

There seems to be no way to do a text-mode install, and the
graphic-mode defaults to a resolution of 800x600, which my elderly LCD
monitor does not support.  It does only 1280x1024 and 640x480.  Works
fine in text mode.
You had to boot from CD adding "A" flag to boot command. Like:
>>> boot <cd_device> -flags A

It would get you to aboot (bootloader) prompt. There is "l" command that give you list of predefined boot configurations. One of them - do install in text mode (I used it during testing and had no problem. At some point it was only working option). The default
boot configuration is "0" - gui install.

So I had to bring back a large old CRT monitor.  Then I had to find
the driver for the "glint" graphics card amongst all the .rpm files on
the 4 CDs.

All runs well, especially since I copied all of the files from the RPM
directories on the CDs to /usr/local/RPM.  I installed a most
important piece of software, namely "mlocate", and will be using
"createrepo" to try YUM installs from the local directory.

Thanks agian for trying.


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