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heviarti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
  So, after a long hiatus, I'm back.

 Someone off the list was so kind as to send me a set of slackware
official disks, plus some beef up packages. I installed them on my
Digital Server 3000. The install worked, but X seems to be broke on S3
(?!) Tried compiling xorg 6.9. filed bug #7700. I then found out the sed
included with the disto was zero size.  Yesterday I finally got sed
working. so, I tried xorg again, and it got much further than it had
before. Compile died during the mesa stuff. I disabled that, and now it's
barfing on fontconfig ( I can post a log if anyone wants to suggest a

... stuff deleted ...

 and finally alphaslack  has anyone tried this? does it
run, and run well? is there anything really broke on it?

 Buck Rekow
I still run Slackware on my primary get-things-done (boaring) Intel box. I don't really see any reason to change.

I hang out here because this is where Alpha gets discussed. This is a polite group where being a little off topic doesn't get you flames. I've seen VMS questions answered and Solaris discussed here. We're unlikly to "catch it" for talking a little slack in moderation from time to time.

I currently run the last (never completed) Alpha Slackware downloaded from the Slackware site just before the project was canceled. Somewhere allong the line, when newer Slackware versions came out, I thought it would be interesting and usefull to recompile for Alpha. I discovered that a while great many packages would rebuild cleanly with at most minor tweaks, some wouldn't. So I got bogged down in some chicken-and-egg patch hunting trying to rebuild the tool chain. I did, once, send a set of CDs of what I had to somebody on this list.

I dabbled for a while with Linux-From-Scratch on the AS200, there is a bunch of good info there on how they solved chicken-and-egg problems. I thought I might use their toolchain to rebuild Slackware but I got bogged down trying to get glibc rebuilt and got distracted by other things.

This gives me a lot of respect for for the folks who actually pulled off AC.

I have been thinking about blowing the dust off this project. My most recent plan to rebuild Slackware was to install AC and use that as  a build platform. Perhaps I'll look into instead. I hadn't stumbled onto it yet.

Ultimatly I'd like to make slackware generaly portable. Most of the packages in a standard release version compile cleanly, with minor tweaks to the build scripts, on Alpha, SPARC and PPC. There are independent porting/maintenance efforts for the different archetectures. I'm thinking that "make it portable" is a better goal than "porting it to platform X".

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