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On 22/12/2006, at 5:58 AM, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
I added a link to it from the "links" section of the Debian ports
page. It'll take a few hours until the link is present on the web page
and probably a few days until all translations have picked it up.
Please contact me at if you'll need a different text or if the domain
changes (as announced on the wiki).

I'll get in touch when I complete the move over to the other domain name. It'll be well after all the christmas chaos settles down. Early January, maybe.

Oh, if anyone hadn't seen the main page announcement, I registered so it doesn't appear so Alpha Core-centric at first glance. I really do intend to be as inclusive as possible, but personally I don't know as much about the other OS projects as I do about AC, although I have worked with NetBSD/Alpha a fair bit.

In the long-term, it'd be great to get an admin team together with people from each of the other projects, but while it's small I'm going to stick to "benevolent dictatorship". :)

Maybe you could introduce links back to the other projects as well?
Having mutual links eases the pain of users looking for information
(for example, we should have a fairly complete list of machine types
right now, but I never came around looking for pages for each machine
and providing links, patches welcome).

I've already started building up the "Community Portal" page for a links summary (offical sites and download mirrors). Beyond that, any Wiki page for a given distribution will probably end up with a huge pile of related links in it. A section for mailing lists and forums would probably be a good idea, too, now that I think of it.


When I set it up, I put in a link directly to the Debian Alpha port page. If there is another page that'd be more appropriate, feel free to change it.

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