Re: Free to good home: Tsunami-compatible memory

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Hi Stig,

I am interested in having them to improve my Alpha.
Would you happen to be bothered by shipping them overseas ?
I will be happy to send to you a PayPal amount for a box of beer.

thanks and cheers,
Luiz Regis

Stig Telfer wrote:

I have five sets of four dimms, scrapped from various Tsunami-based systems that have come my way over the years. I believe that means they are PC100 registered dimms, 256MB and 128MB.

Nobody around here wants them, but I don't want to scrap them, can't be bothered to sell them, so I am offering them free to a good home. Priority assignment will be given to anyone who figures out a way of getting me a beer in return :-)

Any takers?


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